Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Money tips in Pattaya

In Thailand, the currency used is the Baht. At this particular time, it's trading at

but it's volatile--ranging from 25 to 56 for $1USD in the past eight years!

Regarding how to handle your money after moving to Pattaya, here's some ideas:

1) Pension and dividend checks can be electronically deposited into your home country's bank account. Have an ATM and credit card associated with the account so funds can be withdrawn  ANYWHERE in Thailand.

Pattaya has ATMs ALL over the city--especially along Beach Road in the city's center.

2) Use the Internet to ensure deposits are made and bills are paid including credit card, utilities in your home country, so on.

3) Use an ATM card from a bank with 'no foreign ATMs fees'. Otherwise limit withdrawals   to 'once a week' for budget purposes.

4) Use cash whenever possible-you'll gain greater bargaining power in Pattaya and can avoid the 'surcharge' some places have for using a credit card.

 5) Have a 'back-up' ATM and credit card-from another bank in your home country-or a Pattaya bank account. Better to be safe then sorry!