Retire to Pattaya Thailand!

Developing a plan is 'key' to a successful retirement in Pattaya so here's some books to get started
DCO Thai Book Shop
DCO Thai Book Shop
Money Still Number One Don't be an ATM for your teeruk (Thai girlfriend)!

Hello, My Big Big Honey A collection of letters written by 'farangs' and bar girls to each other. Includes interviews with the girls themselves. A VERY revealing, sometimes sad, look at Thailand's nightlife.

I Walked Away Ever thought about just 'selling everything' and running away to a new life in Thailand!? This is exactly what this American did--sold ALL his posessions and ultimately ended up in rural Thailand. Inspirational and full of good advice about living in Thailand.

The Scribe A well written, older novel about the 'writer' of love letters for Thai bar girls to teeraks. Entertaining and eye-opening.
Thailand Fever If have ANY interest in pursuing a relationship with a Thai woman, I HIGHLY recommend this book! Offers Westerner insight into Thai culture and women.
Pattaya map Forget the cheap, free maps you can pickup in many hotels. Get a good, comphrehensive map. It will make living in Pattaya MUCH easier.
How I found Freedom in an Unfree World Nothing to do with Thailand but an inspirational classic! Especially when you're friends and family tell you, you're crazy for moving to Pattaya!