Retire to Pattaya Thailand!


Why driving can be hazardous to your health AND wallet in Pattaya!

Like housing, Pattaya expats disagree about transportation. Yes, everyone needs a way to get from 'A to B' but the best way to do so...?

Walking is in many cases the best way to get around Pattaya. Zero cost, safe, convenient, and good exercise.

For longer distances or when it's dreadfully hot, taking the 'Baht Bus' (a blue modified pick-up truck which operate continuously all over Pattaya) for 10 Baht (30 cents) is ideal-for more than a few kilos expect to pay slightly more.

And before you say 'Ugh, I'm not taking a bus', many times these 24x7 buses will literally be steps from your front door within seconds of waiting-and will stop wherever you want along their route.

Think of it as a taxi at a fraction of the price.

Other Pattaya expats demand 'flexibility' so they own cars or motor bikes. I won't touch much on the cost of purchasing and ownership-it's similar to the West.

So, What's the problem with driving in Thailand?

If you are involved in an accident with a Thai national, of ANY type, YOU will be BLAMED-the facts are be damned! And a serious accident would have corresponding serious repercussions

Another disadvantage is that driving in Thailand is probably NOT similar to your hometown.

The 'rules of the road' are NOT followed here-Stop lights are annoyances to many Pattaya drivers, as is staying in one's lane!

As more than one Pattaya expat has said, 'I won't drive anything in Thailand--two or four wheels!'

Bottom line-Is the benefit of having the flexibility of being able to 'get up and go' worth the HUGE downside (financial and physical) of driving a vehicle here?