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The MOST important choice you'll make in Pattaya

Deciding where to live in Pattaya is easy but whether to rent or buy? Condo or house is MORE difficult as you'll see...

You have three choices:

1) A house

2) Condo/apartment

3) Hotel room

All have advantages and disadvantages-and later we'll discuss renting vs. buying.

Modern, newly built houses are widely available around Pattaya offering all the conveniences. Large, two and three bedrooms are most common with three bathrooms.

Many are located in 'gated' communities offering increased security, and some have common-area swimming pools.

Siam Real Estate

Three significant negatives about houses, though.

First, nearly all require some type of transportation. You cannot simply walk a few minutes out the front door to the local restaurant, pub, so on. So having a car or motor bike would be a necessity-which is dealt with later on this site.

Next, whether buying or renting it requires a SUBSTANTIAL commitment- money-wise budget $800USD per month plus deposit. To purchase, at least $50,000USD.

Also, the legal issues can be significant to own property in Thailand--see the next page where I discuss this issue.

Many Condo/apartments, on the other hand, don't suffer from any of these issues. Whether a 10 minute brisk walk or three minute bus ride, their are MANY condo/apartments available close to shopping, bars, restaurants, etc.

Most are fully furnished (air-con, bed, fridge, cooking facilities, table/chairs, TV) and leased 'month-month' thus requiring no long-term commitment. It's important, though, CONFIRM what utilities are included in the rent-if any.

Typically it's water, electric, gas, and cable TV (UBC). Also, don't sign til you FULLY understand the terms to receive your deposit back-many require one month's rent.

Budget $250USD to $500 a month depending upon the facilities offered (swimming pool, gym), location (near the beach is higher), and commitment (signing for 6-12 months will usually be cheaper).

Disadvantages? Two main ones. If you're a 'very private' person who enjoys his 'space', this is probably not a good choice.

The physical size of your 'home' may only be 42 sqm (approx. 450 sqft) which for some is uncomfortable.

Next, be wary of areas with a HIGH density of Thais living there. While Thais are WONDERFUL people, you'll discover their interest in the upkeep of facilities (fixing lights, elevator, etc) is minimal.

Siam Real Estate

Another source to check is the weekly Pattaya Mail newspaper (available in the Daily News section of this site) for other condo/apartments.

Lastly, hotel rooms offer MANY  advantages that must be considered-even for those seeking to stay in Pattaya for months at a time.

'Simplicity' is the KEY to hotels-Everything is clear and explicit. You have a furnished room, with utilities and cleaning included, with minimal commitment.

If you don't like the management, the room, facilities, so on you can walk away with ZERO notice.

In addition, some of Pattaya's hotels sit on Beach Road thus offering ocean front views-which is 'entertainment'!

The downside to the conveniences of location and little commitment is price-most hotels will cost approximately $400+USD a month.

Obviously the physical space will be much smaller than a condo/apartment or house.

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